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Urinary Tract Health



Uric Acid Cleanse

• The all-natural answer for uric acid elimination
• Helps promote healthy kidney function
• Synergistic combination of seven time-tested herbs—a Swanson® Exclusive!

Retail: Retail: 13.84
Price: Swanson: 11.07
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: 11.07
Retail: 13.84
Discount: 2.77 (20.00%)

Maximum-Strength Grapefruit Seed

• Promotes a healthy urinary tract
• Nourishes and strengthens capillary membranes
• Enhances vitamin C use for powerful immune system support

Price: Swanson: 12.71
Out of stock

Super Strength Cranberry Whole Fruit Concentrate

• Potent bladder and urinary tract support
• Each softgel features a powerful 12:1 extract
• Fortified with vitamin C for enhanced antioxidant protection

Retail: Retail: 11.99
Price: Swanson: 9.59
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: 9.59
Retail: 11.99
Discount: 2.40 (20.00%)

Kidney Essentials

• Helps maintain strong kidneys and a healthy urinary tract
• Combines a balanced selection of essential vitamins with nature's most effective herbs
• Timed-release formula features potassium, cranberry, B-complex vitamins and more

Retail: Retail: 11.39
Price: Swanson: 9.11
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: 9.11
Retail: 11.39
Discount: 2.28 (20.00%)

Stinging Nettle Root

• Excellent respiratory aid
• Promotes prostate and urinary tract health
• Effective protection against environmental irritants

Price: Swanson: 9.59

Chanca Piedra Phyllanthus niruri

• Traditional support for kidney health Historical favorite for liver health
• A trusted herb used for centuries from South America to China

Price: Swanson: 10.19
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