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Butter coffee – the new hit in healthy eating

Two years ago an employee of Swanson published an article on coffee with coconut butter which quickly became popular. At the same time, another idea spread on the Internet which caused a lot of fuss – butter coffee.

It’s creamy and foamy and reminds of unsweetened latte. The idea of both coffee with coconut butter and butter coffee is to energise you more and prolong the feeling of satiety which in turn will help you lose the extra weight.

Big chains in the USA and Europe have been having butter coffee in their menus for months now.

The recipe was created by Dave Asprey who is considered one of the biggest world specialists in healthy eating. During a trip to Tibet, Dave tried tea with butter from yak milk and discovered that such a drink energises the body for about 6 hours. After a cup of butter coffee the body burns the calories accumulated during eating, claims Dave.

How can we make butter coffee?

Step 1:

Regardless of the method you choose, make sure that you have good and aromatic coffee.

The variety and brand you use shouldn’t be overlooked. If it’s possible, choose organic coffee. Everybody has different preferences and you know best which your favourite taste and aroma is.

Let’s make butter coffee

Step 2:

Wait for the coffee to brew – whether it’s in a schwarz, espresso machine or a simple coffee-maker, you have to be patient. Although this is not very easy, especially early in the morning…

Step 3:

Add a teaspoon of butter to your cup of coffee. Preferably, choose saltless cow butter.

Step 4:


You can use a blender or a mixer. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is to whip the mixture well and get a creamy latte-like texture.

Step 5:

Enjoy! The taste of the drink is specific because the coffee is a bit oily. Pessimists think that such a drink has no chance of reducing extra weight and would rather raise the levels of cholesterol.

But let’s see what the tradition around the world is. In the Far East such drinks have long been used. In Tibet they serve tea with salt, black pepper and butter. In Singapore they roast coffee beans in butter. In these regions people have long believed that such drinks give energy to the body and the brain for the entire day.

The butter suppresses the bitterness of the coffee and gives it a wonderful buttery taste. Furthermore, butter coffee will be beneficial to everybody who feels a lack of healthy fats, nutritionists promise.



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