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Headline: Beer Helps You Lose Weight. No, Really!

As a beer drinker, I’m sick of wine getting all the good press. Sure, resveratrol—the grape-derived “super” antioxidant—is good for you, but there must also be virtue in the simple brew of grains, hops and water, right? Why should wine get all the love?

Rejoice, beer drinkers! Turns out beer and the nutrients within have proven to be beneficial for a large number of health benefits from digestive health to kidney health and now, even weight loss. That’s right, weight loss. Forget the beer belly! Beer will make you trim!

OK, not really. We’re getting a little excited here. It’s not actually beer that could help you slim down, but a compound within the hops that are in your beer. That compound, called Xanthohumol, is really only present in tiny amounts within your average brew. So no, beer is not going to make you skinny.

Xanthohumol, on the other hand, has been shown in laboratory settings to be an effective mediator of factors involved in metabolic syndrome—promoting healthy cholesterol levels, insulin levels, and levels of key inflammatory markers like IL-6.

Dr. Stephen Langer brought Xanthohumol to the attention of Swanson Health Products years ago. His XanthoVital supplement was among the first on the market, and years later the world is finally paying attention. In the US, FOX NEWS recently ran a story on Xanthohumol and its weight-loss potential, while in the UK, the BBC ran a piece profiling scientists looking at hops compounds like Xanthohumol for potential cleansing and protective compounds.

“Studies show Xanthohyumol is 200 times stronger than resveratrol against certain cell lines!” Dr. Langer excitedly announces every time the subject comes up. “I don’t understand why more people aren’t paying attention!”

Well, it seems the time has come, people are paying attention to Xanthohumol. And hey, it gives us one more reason to drink beer, right? (Sadly, no, but don’t tell your friends. Makes for great barroom conversation!)

Truth is, you’d have to drink about 1656 l. to get a bioactive dose of Xanthohumol sufficient to realize the benefits, slim down and defend against metabolic syndrome. But you can get to that level with supplementation, and Dr. Langer’s Xanthohumol is a great way to start. The 50 mg serving allows you to scale your intake to meet your needs—use low doses for general wellness and antioxidant protection, or more for advanced goals like weight management. It’s safe for consumption as part of a healthy diet and won’t interfere with your other supplements, so it makes a great addition to any current supplement program. Swanson Health Products has a wide array of weight management solutions that make great companions to Xanthovital.

I’m living proof that drinking beer isn’t really going to help anyone lose weight. But I’m going to enjoy impressing my mates by pulling out this nugget of knowledge in the pub. And you know, I’m going to start supplementing with XanthoVital. If beer can create the belly, let the hops burn it away!





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