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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about your liver very often. But the health of your liver and its detoxification pathways are at the core of total wellness. While you are going about your day, your liver is working overtime to detoxify your body and keep you healthy, so it’s important to give your liver the support it needs to do its job.
Experts estimate that your liver cleanses your blood at a rate of 1.5 quarts per minute, and overall it performs 500 complex functions—from metabolic functions to filtering out toxins—all of which the body relies on for wellbeing. Keeping your liver in tip-top condition should definitely be a priority. Eating a clean, well-balanced diet is important for liver health, but certain herbs can help too. Here are the best herbs to give your liver a helping hand.
Milk Thistle Extract for Liver Detox Support
Milk thistle has been used for centuries as a liver health supporter, and scientific studies have confirmed its benefits.3 Milk thistle supports healthy liver function, liver cell production and cholesterol metabolism for individuals with blood lipid levels already within the normal range.
The benefits of milk thistle are most often attributed to silymarin, a liver-supporting compound within milk thistle that works to boost the strength of the outer membrane of liver cells, making them more resistant to toxins, and may also guard against depletion of glutathione, a molecule made in the liver that provides important antioxidant benefits and stimulates immune health.
Artichoke Extract for Liver Health
While often mistaken for a vegetable, this Mediterranean diet staple is actually a thistle, in the same plant family as milk thistle, and provides complementary liver health benefits. Artichokes are loaded with beneficial nutrients, and it ranks among the top vegetable sources of antioxidants.
Artichoke extract helps activate the liver to promote healthy digestion and cleansing while reinforcing antioxidant activity. Research suggests it may help protect the liver and promote healthy tissue growth while boosting bile production, which encourages toxin removal. Studies show it may also help support blood lipid levels already within the normal range and help your body process blood lipids more efficiently.
Broccoli Extract for Liver-Supporting Phytonutrients
Broccoli extract contains a high amount of glucoraphanin, a beneficial compound with many health applications and potent cellular-defending power. In the liver, broccoli extract enhances the liver’s detoxification capacity, boosts detox enzymes in the liver and acts as an antioxidant for the entire body.
Liver Tone Liver Detox Formula
Get optimal liver support with Swanson Ultra Liver Tone! This formula contains a concentrated herbal blend--many of the ingredients have been used and proven individually for years. Combined in this proprietary formula, each herb, including schizandra berry, licorice root, milk thistle and black radish works in specific ways to detoxify the liver. Responsible for metabolizing what we put in our bodies--processed foods, environmental pollution, pharmaceuticals and any other chemicals--the liver works hard to protect us in our increasingly toxic world. So support your liver with Liver Tone and make it part of your daily wellness program today.


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