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Many of you already know that it is preferable to use olive oil in the kitchen. It is really a very good and universal cooking oil. But do you know what other uses does olive oil have and what you can use it for?

Just like coconut oil, olive oil can be used for many other purposes – as a beautifying means, as an additive in detergents etc.

And now let’s say a few words about what olive oil you have to choose if you want to use it outside the kitchen. It is preferable that you buy only high-quality extra virgin olive oil. With it you will achieve the best results.

Olive oil is a wonderful beautifying means because it has antioxidant properties, it is rich in Vitamin E and polyphenols. It is also a gentle and effective moisturiser which does not clog the skin’s pores.

Here are some more good ideas.

Olive oil uses outside the kitchen

Olive oil for beauty

1. Shaving cream: Olive oil is a great substitute for shaving cream. Not only because the razor slides more easily over the skin but because it leaves it perfectly moisturised.

2. Essential oils: Use olive oil as a base to which you can add various essential oils.

3. Hair conditioner: Similar to coconut oil, olive oil can nourish and enhance hair strength. Apply some olive oil to the hair, leave it for about an hour and then wash well with water.

4. Moisturiser: Olive oil is a natural moisturiser which has a wonderful overall effect on your body. It is particularly helpful for dry and sensitive skin. Rub some olive oil on the skin after a bath, leave it to absorb well and never wipe it with a towel. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

5. Exfoliator: Mix a few drops of olive oil with sugar and make a natural body scrub you can use to remove dead cells. Your skin will shine.

6. For lips: Similarly, you can use olive oil as a lip scrub. Add some lemon juice for more flavour and for stronger exfoliating properties.

7. For removing makeup: Add a few drops to a cotton pad and rub gently to remove makeup. Olive oil also nourishes eyelashes.

8. For removing grease: Using olive oil is an excellent way to remove grease from the skin. Rub about a teaspoon of olive oil with some salt or sugar in your palms for a few minutes and then rinse and wash well.

9. For removing paint from skin and hair: Paint stains can be easily removed from your hands or hair by using a cotton pad soaked with a few drops of olive oil.

10. For cleaning the ears: A few drops of olive oil in your ears before going to bed may help remove the accumulated ear wax. Clean with a cotton swab in the morning. A few drops of slightly heated olive oil also help alleviate ear ache.

11. For polishing of surfaces: Mix some olive oil and lemon juice or vinegar and make a home-made natural furniture polisher. You’d better pour the liquid in a bottle with sprayer. Shake the bottle well, spray and wipe with a dry cloth.

12. For softening natural leather: Occasionally rub olive oil on your hardened baseball gloves, leave it for half an hour and then wipe with a dry cloth.

13. For polishing shoes: Make a natural shoe polish by simply polishing your shoes with a cloth soaked with some olive oil.

14. For removing wax: After you have removed the bulk of candle wax (it would be great if you dip the jar into a saucepan with hot water), you can remove the remaining part of candle wax by rubbing it with olive oil. You will have a perfectly clean glass jar you can use as you wish.

15. For cleaning the sink: If you want to clean your sink in a natural way, try with a mixture of salt and a few drops of lemon juice. Finally, for shine, polish with a cloth soaked with some olive oil. You will be surprised by the incredible result!

16. For removing glue: Don’t spend money to remove the glue which has remained after you have removed the stickers from the jars. Some olive oil works great. Try it!

17 For fixing zipper problems: If next time your jacket zipper get stuck you can oil it with some olive oil. You’d better apply a few drops to the zipper mechanism itself using a tooth stick. Maybe just one drop will do.

18. For creaking doors: creaking hinges can easily be oiled with a few drops of olive oil.

Now you are already convinced that olive oil has so many uses outside the kitchen. Of course it does not mean that you should stop cooking with it, on the contrary. Enjoy this wonderful natural product both in and out of the kitchen.



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