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Do you often feel tired and out of power?

We’ll help you with some valuable advice on how to energise yourself quickly and easily.

1. Take a short coffee break.

You shouldn’t overuse this energising drink, but 1-2 coffees a day are a perfectly normal and safe dose. Add some coconut or cow butter to vary the taste. One of the biggest advantages of coffee is that it restores the body after straining, revitalises and improves the mood. See our special butter coffee recipe here.

2. Try aromatherapy.

It’s believed that some essential oils improve the mood and stimulate brain activity – such as mint and orange. Apply several drops on your wrist or inhale directly from the open bottle. Now you can also find a lot of perfumes containing valuable essential oils which are created precisely with the purpose of energising your body. Find and try.

3. Be sure to have breakfast.

Does it often happen to you to hurry for work and not have breakfast? 10 minutes are not so much and the benefits of sparing them are big. A whole grain slice of bread with peanut butter, a banana or even muesli with milk are a wonderful and healthy option. Breakfast is your starting fuel for the day. Don’t deprive yourself of it.

4. Miss the lift.

It’s always better to take the stairs. Only 10 minutes of going up or down stimulates cardiac activity and blood flow, and this in turn tones the body.

5. Play games.

Assembling a jigsaw puzzle or solving a crossword puzzle or a Sudoku will focus you on a different task which will stimulate brain activity and energy.

6. Stretching.

If you sit on your desk every day from 8 a.m. until the end of the working day, you must make sure that you have enough space to stretch. This is important not only for the energy, but it will reduce considerably the possibility of having back pain or headache.

7. Make a healthy smoothie.

Ready-made smoothies are not always a good option. Sometimes they contain more sugar than your body needs. Try making a smoothie at home by choosing fruits and vegetables you like. See also some of our suggestions which might inspire you.

8. Go outside in the sun for a while.

You sit all day in the artificial light at the office? Go outside and make a quick 10-minute walk. Fresh air will invigorate your brain. Besides sun provides us with vitamin D which is extremely important for health.

9. Imagine.

Even if we physically cannot be where we want, our mind knows no limits. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a favourite and beautiful place. Breathe deeply and relax. Try to transport yourself in the picture you’re imagining in as much detail as possible. What do you hear? What do you feel? The aroma of cherry blossoms? Or maybe the sound of the sea? After taking a mental walk, count to three and slowly come back to the present. You will see that your body is full of energy.

10. Read.

It’s not a bad idea to always have something interesting to read in your bag. And e-book readers are a wonderful way to have an entire library with the size of your phone. Take several minutes to read a favourite poem or a funny short story. This will refresh and stimulate your mind.

11. Walk.

Walking is practised as every sport. If you haven’t moved enough, gradually increase the time you spend walking. Use special devices to monitor your progress. Walking stimulates blood flow which in turn stimulates brain activity.

12. Eat something healthy.

Forget about vending machines and try something lighter, an apple for example. It’s wonderful if you grate it and mix it with several tablespoons of peanut butter or almond butter. You can also add some ground walnuts. Another option are whole grain biscuits which will give you enough proteins and carbohydrates to wait satiated for the next meal.

13. Laugh.

Meet a friend and do something together that you know you love. You can go to the movies and watch a funny comedy. Laughter and the nice experience will surely tone you. They say “Laughter is health” for a reason.

14. Cool yourself.

Sometimes even such a simple thing as washing your face with cold water can refresh and invigorate you.

15. Drink green tea.

Antioxidants in green tea have so many benefits for the health – from losing weight to cardio-vascular health. So at least once a day make a cup of aromatic green tea. Read more on the benefits of tea here.

16. Dietary supplements.

There are some herbs which possess toning properties proven in time. Of course, it’s good to consult a physician before taking them. Ashwagandha and ginseng are good options which will help your body overcome stress and its consequences faster. And the formula is clear – less stress = more energy.

17. Keep a diary.

Every year a lot of people make a New Year’s resolution to start keeping a diary from January 1. And don’t do it… It’s not difficult – take at least 10 minutes a day to write down your experiences or share your thoughts. You will see that this is a wonderful way to stimulate your mind. And besides one day your notes will have a precious sentimental value to you and your close ones.

18. Listen to music.

You surely have favourite songs. You can make a list of the music you love and play favourite songs whenever you need a short break.

19. Chocolate.

Chocolate is a wonderful stimulant. Furthermore it can quickly satiate you and supply the sugar your body needs.

20. Feng Shui.

It’s no wonder that an entire science for arranging space exists. Try to create a comfortable and ingratiating environment. This will surely make you more productive and efficient. And it will make you feel better.

21. Breathe.

Usually, we don’t pay attention to this activity that is so important for the body. You must try to breathe deeply, especially if you sit for a long time during the day. Stretch your body well, breathe in through the nose, hold your breath and breathe out through the mouth. Do this exercise at least a few times a day.



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