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There’s no easy answer for weight loss. I should know. I’ve done every program, taken every shake, followed all the fad diets for the past 20 years and I am still struggling. I lose, then I gain, then I lose—it’s a constant rollercoaster from fat to fit.

Turns out, consistency is key to weight management and health. Going up and down on the scale like a yo-yo is actually worse for the body than maintaining a consistent weight that may be just a bit higher than your target goal.

It comes down to hormones, which are quickly affected by our diet and lifestyle. Foremost important for dieters is a hormone called Leptin, sometimes called “the satiety hormone.” Leptin is actually released from fat cells and signals the brain that we’re full and satisfied. Most people who are hungry all the time have low levels of leptin. But there are also overweight people who have so much Leptin (due to the excess fat they carry), that the hormone just doesn’t work any longer.

Here are 3 easy ways you can switch on your hormonal systems for healthy weight management.

Eat more iodine-rich foods. Seafood, seaweed, spinach—these are all iodine-rich foods that nourish the thyroid gland, a little gland in your neck that serves as your master metabolic switch. The thyroid and the hormones it releases have cascading influence throughout the body, not the least of which affect energy and fat storage.

Exercise to boost testosterone. Yes, even women need testosterone to maintain peak physical fitness, and the best way to support this system is to lift weights. Working the muscles helps build lean muscle mass and burn fat in part by stimulating the release of testosterone.

Sleep. That’s right, while exercise is important, sleep may be equally influential in weight management. Lack of sleep can seriously impact Leptin levels and can lead to Leptin resistance. Experts say anything less than 6 hours each night is detrimental, while 8 hours or more are optimal for total wellness, weight included.



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