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Animal Parade® Children’s Inner Ear Support Chewables

Animal Parade® Children’s Inner Ear Support Chewables

Code: NTP29949

Type90 Tabs

• A special probiotic complex with immediate effect
• With a wonderful cherry flavor

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€ 7.71
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  • Detailed Description

This wonderful cherry flavour lozenges combine L. acidophilus and S. salivarius K12 to maintain a healthy balance of microorganisms in your child's ear, mouth and throat. It helps prevent and treat ear infections and works for immediate effect with the power of our special probiotic complex. Our lozenges contain natural xylitol which supports healthy teeth as well as inner ear health.

Dosage and use: Prophylactic and preventive intake - 1 lozenge daily. For ear infections and treatment of coryza - 2 lozenges per day. The tablets need first to be sucked and after softening can be chewed.

Do not contain: gluten, aspartame, allergens, artificial colors, preservatives or GMOs.

Flavored with the natural monosaccharide xylitol to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent cavities. No contain added sugars!

Size: 90 Tabs


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