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Blood circulation


There is a complex system of arteries, veins and capillaries in our body via which blood transfers the useful nutritious substances to all cells in our organism, transfers heat from the inner parts of the body to the skin and carries waste substances, which must be discharged from the organism. Blood circulation is like a network of motorways through which all our components must function "at full speed." Our goal is to keep our blood vessels in such a manner as to ensure a completely unobstructed "traffic".


Always keep these major roads in good condition.


Very important for maintaining good blood circulation is that the walls of our blood vessels are strong enough and their tissue consists mainly of collagen and proteins. You will see below several additives that will help you for this purpose.


• OPCs – an extract from grape seeds and picnogenol. Both contain compounds known as OPCs, which help significantly to strengthen the collagen fibres forming arterial walls.

• Silicon dioxide - this mineral is important for the elasticity of arterial walls.

Gotu Kola (centella) – it aids the strengthening of the veins' connective tissue.

Horse chestnuthis herb contains escin which tones the veins and makes them less pervious.

• Natozim  natozim is a natural enzyme enhancing good blood circulation.

Garlic – it promotes blood movement through the arteries.

Lecithin – it aids fat disintegration in the blood.


Three splendid additives for strong and healthy heart


Blood does not stay still behind our blood vessel walls. It circulates through them driven by the pumping function of the heart. That is why good blood circulation depends on how healthy our heart is. There are three main additives available for improving cardif-vascular health and these are: CoQ10, L-carnitin and D-ribose.


5 key ways to efficiently maintain blood circulation


• Exercise  this is still one of the best ways to keep blood vessels healthy.

• Liquids - drink plenty of liquids, preferably, clean table water and herbal teas.

• Massage  fifteen-minute massage with jojoba oil and essential oils of rosemary, salvia or juniper will definitely improve blood circulation.

• Stress management  stress contracts blood vessels. There are various ways to cope with it, but you have to endeavor to reduce it. Take deep breaths and learn that you have to be thankful to life for what you have. Browse through the books on stress management in the local bookstore or library.

• Additives  some natural additives are very efficient for boosting blood circulation: ginkgo biloba, butcher's broom, chickweed, hawthorn, ginger, curcuma and cayenne pepper.

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