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We live in a time where almost every advertisement shows us how important it is to look good, including how important it is for our teeth to be healthy, well-arranged and white. A beautiful smile is often the most important criterion for male or female beauty. It’s a sign of youth and health. That’s why we present to you several completely safe and natural ideas that will help you keep your teeth white and your gums – healthy.


Tooth-cleaning Stick


Have you ever wondered how people, who have never seen a toothbrush, clean their teeth? People in Asia, the Middle East and Africa have been using sticks from the tree Salvadora persica for centuries now and their teeth are so healthy that they can easily compete with Americans who have access to the most modern dental discoveries. Do you know that the best toothpastes use solid materials such as stone, bone and sand to clean the surface of the teeth? Although these materials work well in the short run, in time they can damage the enamel of the teeth. If you use abrasive pastes and thus try to whiten your teeth, you should know that in this way you risk your teeth actually becoming yellower in time. Ultimately, abrasive toothpastes can lead to a total loss of enamel. As a result, your teeth will become more sensitive and your gums – weaker.


Things are different with the “chewing tree”. The fibers of the plant Salvadora persica are soft and nonabrasive, so they can clean your teeth effectively without damaging the enamel. Furthermore, the chewing tree contains natural chlorine which has a whitening function. And these are not all of its good qualities. It also contains tannic acid and vitamin C which make it a good means for gum strengthening, as well as sulphur which disinfects the oral cavity. The fibers of the chewing tree alone leave a sense of freshness, but still some products that contain them also add mint for an even stronger sense of cleanliness. The chewing tree is available in various shapes and flavours.


• Toothpaste – It uses the soft fibers of the plant for a natural cleanliness of the teeth. In contrast to most of the other toothpastes these products don’t contain sugar and artificial sweeteners and preservatives, only natural flavours are used.


• Dental fibers – Specially for those who prefer powders to toothpastes. Dental fibers can be used in a combination with toothpaste for additional and better cleaning. Put some paste on your toothbrush and then dip it in the powder before washing.


• Extract – It contains extract from the chewing tree, aloe, tea tree oil and vitamin C. This whole combination protects the gums and promotes good oral hygiene.


• Chewing gum – The fibers clean your teeth, while you chew the gum that contains them. The product doesn’t contain sugar, aspartame or other artificial sweeteners


Products that will give you the smile of Mona Lisa


CoQ10 – Besides being beneficial for the health of the heart, this enzyme protects the tissue of the gums.


• Tea tree oil – Use it alone or find it as an ingredient in toothpastes or special mouthwashes.


• You can add 3 drops of tea tree oil in the glass of mouthwash that you use to rinse your teeth for better oral hygiene. Be careful not to swallow some of it.


• Xylitol – Latest studies have shown that this ingredient is really beneficial both for teeth and gums. You can find it in toothpastes or as an additive in chewing gums.


What else can help?


• Eat crunchy foods which clean the teeth naturally. Apples, celery, broccoli and carrots are preferable. They also contain the minerals calcium and magnesium which strengthen the teeth.

• Increase the flow of saliva into the mouth, because it’s a completely natural way of cleaning the oral cavity. Imagine eating lemons or pickles – this will certainly help.


• Wash your teeth twice a day and be sure to floss. Plaque can form and start damaging teeth only 12 hours after eating.


• Reduce sugar consumption, because it significantly increases plaque accumulation.

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