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Emotional Health



Still little is known what really influences our emotional health and as a part of a global society we feel its influence more and more. Nevertheless nutrition experts agree on the following: our daily diets miss key nutritional substances which leads to a lack of the raw material necessary for the primary brain chemicals production. And this is a prerequisite for poor emotional health. If most people improve their nutritional diets so that essential fatty acids and amino acids are included, they will feel right away the difference between just living and a living life full of passion, satisfaction and joy.


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We recommend you to include necessarily the essential omega-3 fatty acidsin your nutritional diet, never mind if you get them from salmon, other coldwater fish or high quality nutritional supplements.Fish oil contains precious quantities of DHA and EPA, which are two of the basic Omega-3 fatty acids, necessary for the brain good health.


In addition there are eight more key supplements which promote the brain good health and are proven to affect our emotions:


Calcium and magnesium against stress and for a healthy nervous system;

L-Tyrosine - an amino acid that increases the level;

• St. John's Wort, which has a long history as a means for our good emotional health;

SAMe, which is necessary for the production of neurotransmitters;

5-HTP to increase the levels of serotonin;

Melatonin to help sleep;

Relora that controls the release of stress hormones;

Vitamins B and Vitamin C for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

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