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About Swanson Health Products Europe

Swanson Health Products Europe (Swanson Europe) is an Authorized Distributor of Swanson Health Products USA.


Swanson Europe was opened on June 9, 2013 from Lee Swanson (founder and ex-owner of Swanson Health Products USA) and Nina Ertel (CEO of Swanson Health Products Europe)

Swanson Europe’s head office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our official website gives you the opportunity to choose among more than 700 Swanson products bearing the Swanson Logo, which guarantees that you will get the highest quality products at the Lowest Prices in Europe. All of our products are already registered and imported in Europe. Swanson Europe is currently shipping to most of the European Countries Germany, Austria, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden. Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania.

To be most useful to our clients we developed our website in 4 languages: English, German, French, and Italian. You can shop online 24/7 and we will do our best to deliver the products you order as soon as possible.

Our website is yet to develop and expand with the addition of useful and up-to-date information. New products will be added gradually and our assortment will become richer to meet all your needs and expectations.

Swanson Health Products Europe mission is to provides

    · High-quality products manufactured under GMP-  certified conditions
    · The lowest possible prices
    · Industry-leading customer service and support
“Nobody takes better care of you  than Swanson Health Products Europe.”


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