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Gall Bladder Complex™

Gall Bladder Complex™

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Code: BC1309

Type90 Caps

• Promotes smooth, easy, comfortable digestion
• Supports healthy gall bladder function
• Contributes to healthy levels of gastric acid

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  • Detailed Description

Sitting just below the liver, the gall bladder stores bile from the liver and helps digest fats. After eating a meal, especially a fatty or spicy one, bile is released into the intestines to help break down the food. When the gall bladder does not function properly it can cause bile buildup leading to burping, discomfort and general digestive disturbance.

Safeguard the Health of Your Gall Bladder
Our powerful formula promotes total gall bladder health. It fosters all-day comfort while also protecting your digestive tract from damaging acids.

Gall Bladder Complex delivers four powerful ingredients including D-Limonene. This breakthrough ingredient works to coat and protect the stomach lining and support healthy peristalsis, the movement of muscles for smooth, easy digestion. Gall Bladder Complex also includes Taurine for healthy processing of bile acids. Since the gall bladder works in conjunction with the liver, we've also included classic liver protector Milk Thistle to safeguard the health of that important organ. Finally, you also get Vitamin C to help maintain healthy levels of ascorbic acid.

If you're tired of the discomfort of gas and embarrassment of after-meal belching, it's time to discover this amazing formula. You'll feel better with Gall Bladder Complex...Guaranteed!

Size: 90 Caps


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   18 Feb 2022


Nice Product!

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