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Chlorophyll Detox Gummies - Blueberry

Chlorophyll Detox Gummies - Blueberry

Code: FSSW1849

Category- 50% OFF
Type25 mg 60 Gummies

• Promotes detoxification and digestive health
• Helps bolster a healthy immune response
• Vegan and gluten free

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Value: € 32.66
Discount: 50.00%


€ 16.33
* Shipped From European Union by DHL Express
  • Detailed Description

What is chlorella? This trending green superfood is brimming with health benefits including support for detoxification, immune system function and more. Swanson Chlorophyll Detox Gummies deliver 50 mg of this nutrient-dense algae per serving in a fresh blueberry flavor that will please any palate. Chlorella is a complete source of vegan protein, delivering all nine essential amino acids. It also features iron and vitamin C—which the body needs to facilitate iron absorption as well as support a healthy immune system. Its most popular use however is for cleansing and detoxification as it may help the body rid itself of toxins. A cleanse or detox diet is a dietary regimen intended to rid the body of impurities, aid weight management and promote overall wellbeing. Swanson Chlorophyll Detox Gummies are a tasty and easy way to enjoy the benefits of this green superfood.

Size: 25 mg 60 Gummies


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