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Immune Boost Gummies with Acerola, Zinc and Vitamin C & D - Cherry

Immune Boost Gummies with Acerola, Zinc and Vitamin C & D - Cherry

Code: FSSW1847

Type60 Gummies

• Supports healthy immune system function
• With antioxidant protection from acerola cherry, vitamin C and zinc
• Vegetarian and gluten free

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  • Detailed Description

Experience improved immune system support in a delightful gummy supplement with Swanson® Immune Boost with Acerola gummies. The tropical acerola shrub produces cherry-like berries that are rich in vitamin C. Our gummies contain an extract of acerola which is celebrated for its powerful immune supporting nutrition and also known to provide an invigorating antioxidant boost. Each serving includes a potent dose of vitamins C and D, which work to promote a strong and healthy immune response. Additional immune support is provided in the form of zinc, an essential mineral which plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of many of the body’s systems, including the development and function of immune cells. Suitable for year-round support, these juicy cherry-flavored gummies support the immune system to keep your natural defenses at the ready.

Size: 60 Gummies


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