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Zinc Gummies - Elderberry

Zinc Gummies - Elderberry

Code: FSSW1846

Type30 mg 60 Gummies

• Citrate form for optimal absorption
• Boosts antioxidant activity to help reinforce the body’s defenses
• Vegan and gluten free

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  • Detailed Description

Experience all the immune-supporting benefits of zinc in a tasty, fun formula with Swanson® Zinc Gummies. Each serving features a strong daily value of zinc in a potent citrate form which helps increase absorption. Readily received by the body, this form of zinc is then able to assist in more than 300 enzymatic functions in addition to providing powerful antioxidant support to boost your overall health and wellness. While zinc may be best known for its immune health-supporting properties, it’s also needed by the body for healthy growth and development, synthesis of protein and DNA, metabolism and digestion, cell growth and division and nervous system function, as well as healthy skin. Swanson® Zinc Gummies come in a vegan-friendly formulation with a natural elderberry flavor and extract of black carrot for color. Enjoy these gummies with confidence knowing they’re sweetened with organic sugar and made without dairy or gluten with a clean label free of proprietary blends or GMO ingredients.

Size: 30 mg 60 Gummies


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