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NOW Daily Vits 100 tabs

NOW Daily Vits 100 tabs

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  • Detailed Description
Daily Vits – Daily Vitamins is a formula which covers the need for vitamins and minerals of the person not engaged in sports, in order to provide him with protection against diseases and infections.
Daily Vits – Daily Vitamins contains 100% of the necessary daily amount of vitamins and minerals. Lutein and lycopene – so necessary for vision, are added to Daily Vits – Daily Vitamins, as well as vanadyl and boron, which support the functioning of insulin and strengthen bone health.
Daily Vits – Daily Vitamins is an ideal combination for people who are on a diet and those who don’t eat nourishing food. Daily Vits – Daily Vitamins are suitable for adolescents.
Recommended use: One dose in the morning with the food.


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Liv Stang-Lund

   Liv Stang-Lund
   20 Sep 2017

Why have you still not listed the ingredients? is just so incompetent, it is hard to believe.

+3 +1

   05 Dec 2016

so what are the vitamin contents and quantities? unbelievable you could omit this

+5 +2

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