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Certified Organic Wildflower Honey - 100% Pure Raw

Certified Organic Wildflower Honey - 100% Pure Raw

Code: SWF152

Type16 oz Liquid

• Ditch the refined sugars and artificial sweeteners!
• Not only a great sweetener, but a super source of quick energy, too
• Pure, raw honey

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Value: € 13.03
Discount: 20.00%


€ 2.61
* Shipped From European Union
  • Detailed Description

Life is sweet with our Swanson Certified Organic Wildflower Honey. This handcrafted gourmet honey is presented in its pure form, unaltered by the heat of clarification and pasteurization processes used for typical commercial honey. Those seeking the health benefits honey holds will find success only with raw honey, and our Certified Organic Raw Wildflower Honey is derived from nectar collected from various flower species, which give it a delightfully complex aroma and flavor. Ours is packed just for us by honey experts in the Upper Midwest. Savor the sweetness!

Size: 16 oz Liquid


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