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Nutritional Facts

Not sure what our nutrition labels mean? Here's a guide to a typical nutrition facts label. Some information is subject to change based on the type of product.

Please note: Due to Nutrition Facts label changes from the FDA, the labels will appear different from what you may be used to seeing. This change will be implemented on all Nutrition Facts labels by 2018. These changes include larger/bolder font, added sugar amount and updated daily values and nutrient amounts.


Nutrition Facts Label

1. This indicates how many servings are in the container.

2. The serving size indicates the recommended amount per serving.

3.The calories show the total number of calories in one serving.

4. The daily values are the per-serving percentages of the recommended daily intake established by the FDA as the amount the average American needs to maintain good health. Daily values have been established for the majority of vitamins and minerals. Nutrients with no percentage or an asterisk in this column do not have an established daily value.

5. This section indicates the amount of total fat, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber and protein found in each serving.

6. This list indicates the amount of specific nutrients contained in each serving.

7. The Daily Value (DV) percentages found on the bottom of the nutrition label never change from product to product. It shows recommended dietary advice for all Americans.

8. The ingredients list indicates all ingredients necessary to complete the delivery system, and to ensure product freshness and stability.

9. The manufacture, expiration or best by date printed on the label represents the date the product was produced in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations or date by which it is recommended you use the product before it starts losing its quality.*

10. All Swanson items are issued an item number, usually located on the bottom of the container or on the back of the label.*

*Not shown on label image above.


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