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Fluid balance



Have you ever felt puffed up? Retaining liquids is very often caused by insufficient water intake. See more on the topic here:


Have you ever felt just like Cinderella's stepsister, struggling to put your own shoes on? Then you most probably know why the healthy balance of liquids in your body is important. This problem is more typical of women than of men, even though puffing in general should not be determined by gender.


Drink more water


It may sound illogical, and yet very often the reason for retaining water is exactly the shortage of liquids in your body. Your organism needs exactly determined quantity in order to function properly and if you drink less water, then it starts retaining more than necessary. In such cases the organism as if by instinct understands that water will not be sufficient and starts storing as much liquid as it can. In addition, if you do not drink enough water, your body will not be able to free itself from the waste being discharged from its cells. Therefore, the main thing that you should do in order not to look puffed up is to drink more water. Follow the rule: 8 glasses a day. You may obtain additional quantity by eating fresh fruit and vegetables. It is wrong to think for instance, that if 95 % of a vegetable is water only, then it does not give anything useful to your organism. Water keeps life and to obtain it from fruit and vegetables is more than a perfect choice. Eat an apple or munch a few stalks of celery, if you feel swollen. And remember: even though alcohol, coffee and fizzy drinks are considered liquids, they worsen the problem because they dehydrate your body. Water is the drink of good health. 


Meet the four key herbs:


In order to be able to get rid of any redundant liquid in your body, try some herbs recognized for this purpose. The Water Drops additive by Swanson combines parsley, uva ursi and juniper berries.


Parsley – parsley contains two ingredients: apiol and myristicin which help to maintain a healthy water balance in the organism.


Uva ursi  also known as bearberry, this herb stimulates the proper function of the urinary tract.


• Juniper berries – for centuries this herb has been used by herbalists worldwide for enhancing water balance in the body.


• Yellow sweet clover – the patented formula LymphaSelect is an extract from yellow sweet clover and acts very well for ridding the body from redundant water by promoting the lymph flow with a high concentration of coumarin compounds.


Select carefully the salt that you use.


Unfortunately, foods nowadays contain plenty of sodium. Even though salty foods are sometimes tempting, you should not go to extremes. Fortunately, we do have alternative options. Sea salt and Himalayan crystal salt are not processed, which guarantees that they contain all their natural minerals. It would be best never to eat processed salty foods at all. And always use Himalayan crystal salt, whenever possible.

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