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Thyroid gland support



What to eat?


In his book Body Type Diet Dr. Abravanel tells how coffee and sugar, if in larger doses, are the main culprits for the thyroid gland exhaustion. Ironically, if your thyroid gland does not function properly, you will probably feel even greater thirst for coffee and sugar, which will only temporarily stimulate you. Foods that in a healthy way will boost the health of your thyroid gland are eggs - preferably organic, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fish, poultry, stewed vegetables, organic fruits such as dried apricots and plums, plus whole grain foods in moderate quantities.


Supplements in your favour


A few supplements such as the Thyroid Essentials special supplement from Swanson perfectly support the thyroid gland health.


Kelp - Provides iodine, which is the main substance for thyroid gland hormones.

L-tyrosine - Connects to the iodine atoms to form the active thyroid gland hormones.

Vitamin B Complex - Improves oxygenation and enhances energy in the cells of the thyroid gland.

Magnesium - Important mineral that combats all forms of stress.

Beta-carotene - Powerful antioxidant for thyroid gland support.




Are you curious to know if your thyroid gland functions at its best capacity? You can make a simple test yourself and all you need is just a thermometer. Measure your temperature early in the morning in the palm of your hand for ten minutes. You should do this immediately after waking, totally relaxed, and your only movement should be stretching to your nightstand to take a thermometer. If your thyroid gland is healthy, the reading in ten minutes should be between 36.5 and 36.7. Repeat the procedure for three days. If the temperature is below 36.5, however, do not automatically conclude that you are not healthy. Consult your doctor and have a blood test to check the status of thyroid hormones, as this is the most accurate indicator of the health of the thyroid gland.


Which foods to avoid?


There are foods which hinder the iodine use and suppress the functions of the thyroid gland. That is why if you care about its health you should limit the consumption of raw broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnips, peanuts, pine nuts and soy products. However you can take these foods if they have undergone heat treatment.

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