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Urinary Tract Health



At some point in their life women will probably get involved with the issue of bladder health the same way men start to pay close attention to the health condition of their prostate. These two issues are directly related to the urinary tract health. (The health of men’s prostate is viewed as a different health issue.) Several key habits plus efficient food supplements will keep this vital excretion path in the best possible condition and going to the toilet – within comfortable levels.


Five tips for each day supporting the urinary tract health

• Take a bath instead of a shower, and add 10-15 drops of organic essential oil of lavender to the water. Lavender has strong cleansing qualities. Relax and stay in the water for 15 to 30 minutes.


• Drink at least 8 glasses of distilled water daily; 10 glasses will be even better.


• Start the day with a cup of hot distilled water and the juice of one fresh organic lemon.


• Add 1-2 drops of honey if you like.  


• Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables such as celery, watermelon juice, umeboshiplums, also green drinks such as Green Max, to bring the рН level of your body toward the alkaline end of the scale. Avoid acid-forming foods such as caffeine and chocolate.


• Massage the lower part of your tummy every day using a mixture of almond oil and essential oils of several types of trees. These essential oils are very strong and promote the urinary tract health well. Mix 1 ounce (28 g) of almond oil (the base oil) with 3 drops of sandalwood oil, 2 drops of cedarwood oil, 2 drops of cypress oil, 1 drop of benzoin resin and 1 drop of incense. Essential oils are available in your local health food shop and on the Internet. The mixture will be enough for 5 days and the earthy scent is wonderful!


Six supportive supplements

• Cranberry – promotes a healthy bladder and urinary tract environment. Cranberry is a wonderful and natural source of phenolics which provide strong antioxidant protection to the body. For more information on the health benefits of cranberry for the urinary tract, visit


„The intake of huge quantities of cranberry juice is not only inconvenient but may also be expensive and calory-rich. Therefore, food supplements are often chosen instead. Cran-Max is a broad-spectrum supplement which contains all important cranberry parts – the pulp, pips, peel and juice.“

Sherry Torkos has been practicing pharmacy since she graduated the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1992. She is a certified fitness instructor and has written some brochures and articles for professional and consumer-oriented journals.


D-mannose – a powerful and effective natural choice for the urinary tract. D-mannoseis considered a glyconutrient because it is a simple saccharide found in nature with specific nutritional benefits for the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.


• Mumefural – a powerful extract of umeboshiplums, which has a strong alkalising effect on the body.This is the perfect antidote for highly acidic nutrition which is typical for most diets in the USA. The health condition of the urinary tract depends on the alkaline environment.


• Bearberry– conventionally used for the health of the bladder and urinary tract. This herb is most efficacious when taken along with calcium citrate, instead of with acidic foods such as orange juice, to maintain urine toward the alkaline end of the рН scale.


Acidophilus – helpful in sustaining a healthy urinary tract environment.


Garlic – helpful in sustaining a healthy urinary tract environment.


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