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I recently entered what I will call “semi-retirement,” reducing my daily obligations while still  keeping a hand in the businesses that I’ve built over...

Most people know that high cholesterol and triglycerides are linked to cardiovascular health risk, but that’s not the only thing these...

Every once in a while, a home remedy breaks through from the old world into the new, becoming relevant to a whole new generation. 

Sour stomach. Gas. Bloating. We all suffer minor stomach upset from time to time.

If I asked you to name the one dietary factor most important to longevity and healthy aging, your answer probably wouldn’t be “fiber.”

Back in 2003, Dr. Derrick DeSilva was relaxing in his study one Sunday...

Protein is essential to a healthy diet, and it’s common for athletes and bodybuilders...

New research out of India suggests that daily Vitamin D supplementation is a...

When a colleague of mine accepted a recent promotion and moved to Beijing

Public Health England released the 2016 Eatwell Guide in March, replacing...

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