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Acid / Alkaline Balance



The proper рН level is undoubtedly important for each and every aspect of human health, even for the
most basic parts of the body. It affects the mental state, metabolism, organs, tissues, cells, molecules,
atoms and chromosomes. Normal blood pH level is considered 7.4. If it falls below this limit, your body
will leave no stone unturned in its efforts to restore that level. It will even start consuming the alkaline
mineral Calcium from your bones to that effect. Unfortunately, most people are not fully aware of that fact.
And this is blindingly obvious from their lifestyle that pushes the chemical processes of the body to the
acidic side of the pH scale. Thus, they jeopardize any chance to enter the realm of good health.


What is pH?

The term pH means "potential of hydrogen" and measures the alkalinity or acidity of a solution based
on the number of hydrogen ions in the liquid. The more hydrogen ions present, the greater the
acidity of the solution. The scale ranges from 0 to 14, with the neutral solution corresponding to
the number 7. Everything under 7 is acidic, and above 7 – alkaline. Many body fluids, including
blood, pancreatic juice, bile, saliva and even semen, are alkaline and should be maintained such in
order for us to be healthy. On the other hand, gastric juices, which are secreted in the stomach, are
strongly acidic. They are measured at about 2 on the рН scale.

There are special tapes designed for testing the рН level of solutions which can help you determine
the chemical state of your body.


Factors Dramatically Decreasing рН

Malnutrition – Wrong dietary choices are the Number 1 reason for acidic values which should
ideally be in the alkaline side of the scale. The good news is that you can easily change that by
making certain adjustments to your diet. You will by all means feel differently and much better.
Alkalising foods include grapes, apples, melons, bananas, as well as most vegetables. While
processed meats like bacon, sausage, canned meats, smoked meats, cheese, sugar, coffee,
alcohol, chocolate, and fried foods contribute greatly to the acidic environment in the body. It
is not necessary to completely avoid the acidifying foods. You just have to put in the effort
to balance them well with the alkalising ones. In other words, add some spinach and a few grapes
to your cheeseburger.


Stress – The body produces acids as a reaction to stress. If these situations become chronic,
they begin to strain the body. Furthermore, when under stress, we often resort to our "bad habits"
that increase the acidity such as smoking, alcohol, overeating with various junk food.


Too little or too much activity – Physical activities are of great importance for the body's chemical
environment as they accelerate the metabolism which, in turn, burns the fatty acids, as well
as other types of acids. Nevertheless, intense physical activities lead to accumulation of lactic and
other acids in the muscles. In order to compensate for this negative effect, take a day off between
rigorous trainings so that your muscles can get a chance to eliminate the accumulated acid, or use
an alkalising powdered drink mix.


Smoking – Acidic effects caused by cigarettes are quite often underestimated. Nicotine is often
consumed as a way to deal with stress, but the truth is that it causes much more stress to the body.
It stimulates the secretion of various acids by the body, including the gastric acid in the stomach.
Nicotine also causes the body to flush out liquids and, when dehydrated, its environment becomes
too acidic.


Supplements to Balance the pH scale:

1. Calcium and Magnesium – Both minerals are alkaline and contribute significantly to the maintenance
of a balance in the body.


2. Green Supplements Green supplements are highly alkaline and do a really great job in
maintaining the balance, especially if you are not able to eat leafy vegetables, such as spinach
and lettuce, every day. Chlorella tablets are an easy and effective way to get your daily dose of green


Other Means to Increase pH

Pure water has a neutral pH, i.e. 7. By drinking water, we naturally raise the pH levels of our bodies. The reason why many people do not like to drink water is that they take it directly from the tap. Terrible! Tap water is full of chemicals such as chlorine and others. This is good for washing up, but not for drinking. Drink bottled water whenever possible – there are different types and brands on the market.

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