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Blood Pressure Support




Together with temperature and pulse, blood pressure is one of the body's main vital signs. It speaks volumes about the health status of each person.


What is Blood Pressure?

  • • The ideal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg.
  • • The top number, systolic blood pressure, represents the peak pressure created in your arteries when your heart beats.
  • • The bottom number, diastolic blood pressure, indicates the pressure when the heart is at rest between pulses.

Five Highly Efficient Ways to Support Blood Pressure


• MassageYou will love this! A weekly massage will help your blood flow smoothly through your cardiovascular system and also will relax your blood vessels. Another effective tool for maintaining good blood pressure is a bath brush with long handle and natural bristles. Before entering the tub or standing in the shower, rub your body with a dry brush for 5 minutes to stimulate blood circulation. This will also make your skin amazingly smooth.


• Physical Exercise – You didn't think we would skip that, did you? Yes, 30 minutes walking a day will keep your blood pressure in good measures. Breathe to the bottom of your lungs during the walk to benefit of it to the maximum extent.


• No Cigarettes – Forget about them! Whenever you want to light a cigarette, ask your partner whether it's good for your health. Do you think he or she will say "yes"?


• Diet – the many fruits and vegetables should be first on the list of allowed foods as they contain a lot of Calcium and Magnesium which balance the blood pressure. On the top of the list of forbidden foods should be salt as it leads to water retention and depletes calcium.


• Regular Check Ups – Take your blood pressure more frequently and do what is necessary to keep it in the normal and healthy range.


The Role of Supplements

Natural supplements can be a useful addition to your healthy diet and exercise program to maintain normal blood pressure.


Calcium – An impressive study on Calcium was conducted by the U.S. National Institute of Health. It led the scientists to the conclusion that a diet combining foods with low fat contents and high levels of calcium is much more effective for good blood pressure than the combination of the foods with low fat contents and large quantities of fruits and vegetables.


"Many mineral products on the market have molecular weights too large to be absorbed intact. Through patented technology, Albion has been able to produce chelated minerals with molecular weights small enough to pass easily through the intestinal wall."

Max R. Motyka M.S., R.PH. Director of Human Products Division, Albion Laboratories


Potassium – Another mineral having a remarkable effect on blood pressure. Eat fresh products wherever possible and use potassium supplements when your diet lacks this important mineral. Apricots are a wonderful fruit for blood pressure. Besides being a good source of potassium, they are also rich in fibre, iron and beta-carotene. It is good to know that dried apricots have higher concentration of nutrients, all of which very important for the circulatory system.


L-Arginine – Essential for the production of nitric oxide in the body which helps dilate blood vessels and supports healthy blood flow.


Peptide Complexes  Unique compounds from protein sources like milk and fish are known as anti-A.C.E. peptides because they inhibit the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme (A.C.E.), an enzyme that constricts blood vessels. By blocking A.C.E. activity, these peptides help relax arterial walls to facilitate healthy blood flow.


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