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Bone Health



Bones and teeth are living tissues and require certain nutritional substances in order to be strong and healthy.


We present to you seven supplements that build and maintain bone health:

Calcium - This is the most fundamental nutritional element for bone health. While 98% of calcium is stored in the bones, this mineral is actually also necessary to prevent the acid levels in our body from becoming too high. If your calcium intake is insufficient, your body will automatically take it from your bones to maintain its normal functions.


Magnesium – This mineral is very important for the skeletal system and is needed in quantities which cannot be supplied in a natural way. That’s why many people turn to dietary supplements to meet their natural needs. However, magnesium intake may cause diarrhea in some people and this is its main drawback. If it happens to you, avoid magnesium chloride, carbonate or oxide and choose magnesium citrate, aspartate or chelated amino acid such as Albion’s magnesium of Swanson Ultra product line.


Vitamin D - Your body actually produces this vitamin when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D supplements are very important for people who spent little time in the sun. Especially for elder people who have low vitamin D levels.  


Boron - This microelement improves the absorption of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D during the formation of bones and their structure.


Vitamin K - It helps you to activate the protein called osteocalcin which participates in bone building.


• Ipriflavone - A specific isoflavone, which helps to maintain bone density during calcium intake. Detailed information on how Ostivone promotes bone health is available at


Silicon This mineral regenerates the body’s infrastructure, including the skeleton, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, connective tissue, the skin, hair and nails. Silicon dioxide levels in the body decrease with age and elderly need bigger quantities of it.


Six ways to maintain healthy bones and teeth:

  • • Canned salmon contains a surprisingly big quantity of calcium. In fact, it is the fish’s bones that provide the calcium in this case. The whole fish, including its bones, has been boiled before being canned and its bones has become so soft in this process that you are not even aware that you are eating them. The high calcium content together with the high content of omega-3 fatty acids make canned salmon a five-star healthy food!
  • • Take enzyme supplements with every meal as this significantly enhances the organism’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium you get naturally with your food.
  • • Eat cabbage salad at least once a week. Cabbage is a very good source of Vitamin K but this nutrient is also found in most green vegetables.
  • • Eat organic raw almonds. A handful of almonds provides 70 mg of calcium and 78 mg of magnesium, i.e. you will get the two minerals which are essential for your bone health. What’s more, almonds are a wonderful source of natural vitamin E.
  • • Add skimmed milk powder to everything – soups, baked foods and drinks. This is an easy and efficient way to increase calcium quantity in your daily diet, especially if you don’t like drinking milk.
  • • Physical exercise is an important way of bone building and bone mass loss prevention. You don’t need strenuous exercise, but keep in mind that duration is more important than intensity.

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