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Every cloud has a silver lining, and this proverb most certainly applies to cholesterol health, too. The goods news is that healthy levels of cholesterol can be maintained by learning to eat correctly, exercising moderately, and including a few key supplements if necessary. Keep in mind that cholesterol is not inherently bad. Our hormones—the very chemicals that govern our body—are made from cholesterol, and there are two kinds of cholesterol to watch.


LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) carries cholesterol to the arteries.


HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) carries cholesterol away from the arteries to the liver and out of the body.

Obviously, you want to keep levels of HDL on the high side of the healthy range, and levels of LDL on the low end. Check with your doctor for guidance about your personal situation.

There is No Progress Without Change

This principle is key to keeping your levels of cholesterol healthy. Changing your mindset about what makes for good eating, plus thinking of exercise like a stimulating health and beauty treatment, will get you noticeable results! Dietary supplements can greatly assist you, too, as you make a necessary transition in your thinking.

Five Supplements to Consider

• Policosanol — 5 to 10 mg twice per day.

Sytrinol 150 mg twice per day

• Pantethine — 300 mg one to three times per day

Niacin — 500 mg of flush-free niacin three times per day

• Gugulipid — one gram (1000 mg) three times per day


“Gugulipid is an extract of the oleogum resin of Commiphora mukul, a tree native to India, with clinically proven health benefits, particularly in the maintenance of normal serum lipid levels. The gum resin of the Commiphora mukul tree is revered in Ayurveda… The active ingredients responsible for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels are the guggulsterones.”

Vladimir Badmaev, MD, Ph.D., is a medical doctor with a Ph.D. in immunopharmacology who serves as scientific advisor to Sabinsa, makers of Gugulipid.®

Simple Dietary Changes for Big Results

• Lab test shows that chomping on celery works wonders to keep cholesterol and triglycerides in the healthy range. Rather than snacking on chips, keep a few celery stalks on hand, and fill the middle of them with organic nut butter and raisins. In addition to the celery, the monosaturated fats in nuts are actually beneficial for cholesterol balance, too.


• Always use olive oil in salad dressings. Rather than buying prepared dressings, which often include soybean or other inferior oils, make your own by mixing extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar 3:1. Then add pressed garlic and whatever herbs and spices you prefer to give it the zest you crave. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, which really help to keep cholesterol levels healthy, and garlic has long been used for benefiting cholesterol health.


• Use whole grain bread instead of white because it has more fiber. Adding fiber to your diet will give you the results you want much more quickly.


• Cinnamon not only benefits blood sugar health, but new studies in Asia find that about ½ tablespoon really helps cholesterol balance, too. Add it to a bowl of cooked oatmeal and you’ve not only got a tasty breakfast, you’re way ahead in your goal for cholesterol health. Who needs a glazed doughnut? Yuk!

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