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When asked the impossible question “Which sense do you appreciate more: sight or sound?” most people initially respond with “sight.” After a few moments of reflection on what our sense of hearing enables us to enjoy, however, many individuals retract their answer and are simply unable to choose one sense over the other. They say they couldn’t live without hearing the affectionate words spoken by their loved ones, while others would miss the soothing sounds of birds singing, trees rustling in the breeze or a rushing waterfall. How about you? No doubt we all want to safeguard our precious ability to hear, and below are a few ways to help accomplish that goal.


Clean Out Your Ears


Although wax actually protects the ears from harm by outside elements, it can build up to excess and diminish the ability to hear. In that case a homeopathic product like Similasan Ear Wax Relief can be used occasionally to soften, loosen and remove excessive earwax, and it may even relieve ringing in the ears if it’s caused by earwax.


Nutritional Support for Ear Health


Ginkgo biloba — Increases circulation to the head, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the ear cells.

Zinc — Quickens immune response, and this in turn promotes ear health.


Did you know?


Now hear this! Zinc may support ear health

Low zinc levels in the blood may compromise ear health, according to researchers at the Ankara Numune Research and Education Hospital in Turkey. Following a study of 28 subjects, researchers determined that oral zinc supplementation can provide support for healthy hearing. Study subjects were administered either 50 mg of zinc or a placebo daily for two months. At the end of the study favorable progress was detected in 46.4% of the subjects in the zinc group, leading researchers to conclude that zinc supplementation may play a beneficial role.

Otol Neurotol 24(1):86-89, 2003



Vitamin C—Keeps the immune system functioning at an optimal level, which has a direct bearing on the health of the ears.

Comprehensive Formulas—There are several formulas available that offer the perfect combination of natural ingredients to nourish and protect the ears including Swanson Ear Essentials and NaturalCare HearAll, which is endorsed by Dr. Bob Martin, a diplomat of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Turn it Down!


According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), loud noises really do impair our ability to hear. They suggest wearing earplugs when exposed to loud noises according to the following guidelines:


• 110 decibels—Exposure of more than 1 minute without earplugs risks permanent hearing loss.

• 100 decibels—No more than 15 minutes unprotected exposure recommended.

• 90 decibels—Prolonged exposure to any noise above 90 decibels can cause gradual hearing loss.

So how loud is too loud? Rock concerts and firecrackers register in at 140 decibels, snowmobiles at 120, chainsaws at 110, and wood shops at 100.


Lifestyle Considerations


• Drink lots of water and reduce the intake of mucous forming foods like dairy products.

• Massage reflexology points on the bottom of the feet that correspond with the ears. They are located on the balls of the feet directly beneath the third and fourth toes.

• Do not smoke, as this habit significantly contributes to ear problems.


If other people can hear the music when you’re wearing headphones, the volume is too high and it should be turned down.

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